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Cacao Journey

30 days.

30 full days of a commitment to myself and my healing journey.

30 days of diving deep.




Calling in.


Letting the magic of cacao fill me up.

From that very first ceremony on the 10th of January, I could feel the transformation coming. It felt like the cavalry had arrived. I was ready to call in the cacao to help me expand into the journey I was already on. My spiritual journey began with yoga many moons ago and has evolved into so much more.

Throughout the 30 days, we had a weekly ceremony which was nothing short of magic. 3 hours of meditation, movement, DANCING, shouting, deep breaths, sharing and more. I really allowed myself to be cracked open. There was no more hiding. I opened up and told stories and moments I remembered as if I was unearthing the secrets that I had so expertly kept beneath the surface. Allowing myself to voice so many different things to a space where I was simply listened to and held was incredible. There was no judgement. No unsolicited advice. A place where we could show up completely as we were.

Sam (@the.wildest.dreamer) held and opened the space so beautifully for all 30 days and beyond. Her voice comforted me when I need soothing and urged me to go deeper when I was holding back. I am still processing and now putting into practise all that I have learned and unlearned.

Thank you Sam and all of the incredible woman.

This is not the end.

Simply the beginning.

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