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Why Release to Rise?

The words "Release to Rise" tumbled into my journal at Old Kilmun House in Dunoon just after a sound journey with Kate (some of you will have met Kate at previous Release to Rise workshops). It was October 2019 and my life as I knew it was changing rapidly. A long term relationship had recently ended, I was looking for a new place to live all whilst settling into life in Edinburgh.

I knew when I wrote those words that I would come back to them at some point.

So in 2021, Release to Rise was born with the branding here.

It began with a series of online workshops and have evolved into day retreat style workshops in and around Edinburgh.

In that moment in 2019, I knew I had to release my life as I knew it and the life I thought was planned out in order to rise.

To make space for what was coming my way.

To step onto the new path that was unclear in front of me.

And that is what I did.

I have gathered tools over the past few years that I share in these workshops.

I have gathered words that still offer me the same comfort as when I found them then.

I work with beautiful small businesses to create a care package to go with each workshop so that you can be supported after the workshop ends.

Some workshops are hosted just by me.

Some have special guests.

They are now being aligned to significant dates in the Celtic Wheel.

With the next one being this day week, Sunday 4th of February, which aligns closely with Imbolc.

Imbolc can be translated as "in the belly of the mother".

We will create a cocoon-like space together next Sunday evening from 5pm-8pm.

Head to the class schedule to book now or read more.

Pictured throughout are the many different branding templates used since 2021.

Can't make the 4th of February?

More Release to Rise workshops in 2024:




Dates to be released soon...

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