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Kind Candles Collaboration

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

I am a brand ambassador for Kind Candles which is a small business in Edinburgh.

All candles are lovingly hand poured by Emily herself. I am so proud to say I am an ambassador for such a wonderful company. The candles are vegan, cruelty free and use sustainable rapeseed wax. A little note from Emily

"Whilst creating sustainable candles that inspire joy and bring about positive wellbeing, I wanted to design candles that would be kind to the beautiful planet we call home.

Every candle bought supports charities making a positive difference; promoting positive health and wellbeing, improving our natural environment and reducing carbon emissions."

Emily and I have just launched our first collaboration - Kind Candles X Rachelellenyoga -

Under this collaboration we have created two yoga and candle gift sets. The two chosen candles are "The Star Gazer" and "Winter Magic". In each set you will receive your chosen candle and a pre-recorded yoga flow created by me drawing on inspiration from that candle. The Star Gazer is a slower and quieter practice while the Winter Magic is a warming and energizing practice. Check out the website below to bring you to the Kind Candles shop.

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1 Comment

Very excited to get my delivery of kind Candles last week. They are just beautiful 💕💕💕

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