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Blogs are back!

Or did you even notice they were gone?!

I felt so nostalgic reading the first ever blog on my website from January this year. To think I wrote those words nearly 9 months ago is crazy.

So today I am writing to you from my bed. It is 23:54 and will be released at 6.30am, I am awake later than I wanted to be. In my defence, I had a nap and did a guided meditation today so surely that balances it out (I see you looking at me Ash from across the sea) BUT I am an adult AND I don't have to prove anything to anyone (see other blog post). Sometimes you never know when inspiration will strike and I for one am not about to start questioning it now.

I have so much to say.

My heart is bursting with pride. Re-reading my words from January and feeling each of them in my bones has made me take a step back and say;

"Dayuuuum girl you did it. You are DOING it. You are living the life you always thought was possible for you... and then some".

I have never felt as clear and discerning with my life. My purpose. My biggest and wildest dreams. Yes I know this sounds very elusive right now but it will become clearer in the coming weeks.

I am currently in training with Amy Carmody. She is a remarkable teacher and human being. Her training reignited something deep within. The way she expresses herself and delivers the content is mesmerizing to watch.

If you don't know her then get to know her!!!

Her lectures have been thought provoking and reassuring. One lecture I listened to a few weeks back held this sentence "People can live remarkable lives only if they have the energy to do so." (or something very similar to that, I may be paraphrasing).

I want to live a remarkable life,

I am living a remarkable life.

Sometimes the expansiveness of my dreams and goals scare me. I think "fuuuuck. Can I do that? Who am I to have these big ideas?" or various other phrases like that. It comes back to a core belief that I had of not being able to do all the things. Of not being good enough. I have spent the better part of two years unpacking and dissolving those beliefs (and many others) because my true purpose is far greater than my fears or thoughts. Each time I am met with those fears or others and I face them, it holds a little less power each time.

So get ready for more blogs such as this. There are so many words bursting and ready to come out. Tonight is not that time but the time is coming. For now, thank you for being here. Thank you for supporting me, for showing up, for helping me become the teacher and the person I am.

Here's to many more years of movement, exploration, celebration, joy and so much more.

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Omg just gorgeous 💕💕💕 the photo says it all. You are the happiest and most content I have ever seen you. My heart is just bursting with pride and gratitude that you are living your life your way💕💕💕 well done my wee hen. Mom xoxo

Replying to

Thank you so much for supporting me on this journey, you are one epic lady!! I love you xoxo

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