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5 years of magic

Sometimes great things need to fall apart so that even better things can fall together.

After 5 years of teaching yoga, I’m downing tools. After class on the 27th of July, I’ll roll up my mat as “yoga teacher Rachel” for the last time.

This may sound like it’s coming out of left field but really it’s been about a year in the making. I started to shift things with the move of @rachelellenyoga to @rachel_ellen_christie.

And last week, I got the internal message;“It’s time to stop teaching yoga.”

Moments of clarity are such a beautiful thing. It actually happened during the wonderful Jenny’s kundalini and cacao ceremony for Summer Solstice.

She guided us through a meditation and it was in that moment when I got quiet enough to hear myself that the moment of clarity happened. Since I decided to act on it and wrap things up, I’ve felt a sense of absolute contentedness that this is the perfect time.

So with all that being said, I’ve decided to run an array of classes over July to tie up this chapter with my last class being 9am Flow on Saturday the 27th.

And also a note on the business side of yoga or a message small business owners don’t always have the space to talk about or ever want to mention:

Business over the last few years has drastically changed. The overheads have been rising year on year e.g studio hire, transport options to get to classes, zoom and website subscriptions to name but a few. Sometimes we have waitlisted classes and then we sometimes have ones where no one books.

The ups and downs of small businesses is a journey. 

The beauty of it?

We can offer things larger corporations cannot. Personal emails and email replies, extensions of class passes where a studio would not, spending extra time after class because I do actually really want to know how you are and what you are doing this weekend. And for that, I take the losses on the chin and cherish the moments of magic we have shared. 

So I’m taking a step back.

Downing tools you could say.

10 years of working evenings and weekends and odd hours across hospitality and yoga teaching is coming to an end.I wouldn't change any of it for the world, the community we have built together is truly something special. And this is not to say that we will never meet on the mat again, I have to trust that if we meet again in the zoom room or the studio it will come back if it needs to.

We have one month of practice left and one month of weekly newsletters. Come and celebrate this chapter with me. Book your July class via the class schedule.

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